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Butterfly Cat Toy

Fun, colorful, and affordable, the butterfly cat toy will provide hours of fun for your playful kitty. Benefitting from an electronic design, the moving butterfly caters to your cat’s natural hunting instinct by spinning in circles and encouraging them to chase their prey. They will love nothing more than to stalk, sneak up on, and attack the circulating butterfly that looks like a real insect that you’d see flying around outside.


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Features -
  • Moving parts to encourage your cat’s natural instincts
  • Requires one AAA battery (not included) for hours of play
  • Lightweight design that can easily be moved from room to room
Materials/care +

A butterfly cat toy that gets even the laziest cats up and moving

Butterflies may look beautiful to us, but to your cat, they are something exciting to stalk and chase. That’s why this fun butterfly cat toy is an ideal purchase. Your cat can spend hours stalking and attacking this moving insect that truly looks like it is fluttering in the wind. It’s perfect for keeping cats entertained, and you won’t need to worry about any butterflies being harmed in the process. 


The lightweight design ensures that you can move this toy on a daily basis. Plus, the durable plastic and steel materials can withstand even the sharpest kitty teeth and claws. Simple yet effective, the butterfly cat toy is a budget-friendly electronic toy that will supply hours of fun and laughter.   

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