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Cat Chase Toy

With its long feather tail and large size, your kitty is sure to love this innovative cat chase toy. Constructed with smart technology, the novelty mouse automatically detects and avoids obstacles as it moves throughout the room. Featuring a cute plush nose and a soft body, this rechargeable mouse is great for kittens and older cats alike.


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About this item

Features -
  • USB charging
  • Encourages self-play 
  • Avoids obstacles so it rarely gets stuck
  • Real feather for extra stimulation
Materials/care +

Watch your cat do the cha-cha as they dance around this interactive cat chase toy


Your feline loves to hunt, especially when it involves small, furry creatures. This innovative, rechargeable cat chase toy is shaped like a mouse, yet it comes with a real feather attached to its tail. After waiting only 90 minutes to fully charge via the included USB cable, turn it on and watch it go as it expertly maneuvers around the room. 


Thanks to its smart technology, this clever toy avoids any objects in its path. Your kitty will love chasing it around from room to room, keeping both them, and you, well entertained. As if the feather tail and realistic mouse design weren’t enough to capture your cat’s attention, it also features beautiful shimmering ears. With its long-lasting battery, you can use this novelty toy to keep your cat occupied for as long as necessary.   

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